In 2009 Guy and Juliet Grieve, with their two young children, returned to the Isle of Mull after spending a year and travelling 1000 miles in a boat from Venezuela, up the Caribbean to America and then back to Inverness. Looking for work that could support them quickly Guy started diving for scallops and a year later, with his wife Juliet, started The Ethical Shellfish Company. They represent one of a few business that use sustainable means to fish without causing any damage to the sea bed or the oceans. I recently spent some time with the family who are doing incredible things. But this is just the tip of the ice berg.

There are the people that work closely with them, the restaurants and chefs they supply, the fishery boards and the fisherman using destructive means to catch the same produce. This is a huge story that is a small part of an even bigger story surrounding the future of our oceans, and it needs to be told now before we have reached a point we cannot return from.



5 thoughts on “Pitch

  1. really nice…. u just taught me how to capture stories and not the pictures…your pictures are really simple but every picture speaks for itself…i rarely click these kinda pictures…but m gona work on it. 😉

  2. Visually impressive. The story keeps us interested. No turn off point. You’ve found a story that is current and affects a lot of people. Allowing your subject to tell his story while visually stimulating the audience.

  3. @ osharpe u can find me on facebook “Raisoull Satyam Rai” iv my photography page there 🙂 add me…u can be my guide 🙂

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