SWOT Analysis


I am hard working in all aspects of my life, keeping an average grade of over 70% since coming to university is something I am very proud of. This shows the dedication to my work and the growth of myself. I do what I can as course representative to make sure my peers have the help they need and are heard on a higher platform when it comes to their course and university. My confidence has given me the ability to approach people and as a result I have had many photographic opportunities with different organisations inside and outside of the university and my network is building. Like my confidence, the technical and professional ability to work as a photographer is ever growing and I am focused on becoming better. As well as photography my skills in filming and editing are also being developed thanks to my enjoyment and ambition. I have a great amount of patience and like helping people where I can. My ability to reason out a situation keeps me calm and allows me to be more understanding towards others. I have an open view on the world and can listen to anyone’s opinion without prejudice or judgment. I am well organised, not leaving things to the last minute and although generous I am responsible when it comes to finances.


I would like to improve my writing skills and develop them further with a better grasp of storytelling. I become quite modest when it comes to my own work and often want it to be better which may not be a weakness. I am a on and off smoker which I do not think ever effects my character but makes me unsure of my fitness. Public speaking is something I am getting a lot better at since my time at university, through working various jobs I feel at ease speaking to anyone but my nerves when presenting something to a group good be better. I often think of others before myself, which may not count as a weakness but can sometimes impede my own progress.


Good opportunities facing me lie in a few aspects of the photographic and media industry. Entering competitions like the Photographic Portrait Prize, are a good way of getting my work out and beneficial to the editing of it. There are plenty of opportunities through the university, like the work I have been undertaking with the East Asian Film Society, which due to it becoming more and more outward facing allows my photographs to be viewed on a much wider level.

Big changes in documentary photography and photojournalism have been evolving with people like Brian Storm and Marcus Bleasdale. Use of multimedia has allowed them to push for a more influential and available source of journalism and documentary. Utilising filming and editing skills through technicians and practice will give me a great advantage in the photographic and media industries. With more and more countries becoming part of the EU traveling is becoming easier which is a great benefit for someone who wants to travel with his work. The world is so huge that there are any numbers of possibilities for interesting stories and places to photograph giving me the opportunity to produce interesting and professional work.

By quitting smoking I could become much fitter making my general life better and by improving my writing skills I could look into writing about the things I photograph on a professional level, extending my skills and portfolio.


Changes in technology and the requirements of being a storyteller/documenter mean that I have to adapt to an ever-changing industry, however this should not be viewed as a threat but an exciting obstacle to grow and learn from. It is no longer enough to take pictures; instead you must have a fuller experience to offer the viewer be it using film, audio or any number of processes. The biggest threat for me is my smoking habit, I know if I stopped the quality of my life would improve and by doing so know would cut down any effects it may have on my health in the long run.


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